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Running a Snitz Forum on PHP

Friday 12 August 2016

We recently ran up some code to allow an old Snitz Forum to be accessed on a PHP system.

The original forum ran on a Windows server using Active Server Pages (ASP) with a backend Microsoft Access database.

The forum was hosted by Discover Hertford Online, a community website, on a Windows server running ASP. The overall site was migrated to a LAMP server running PHP and the forum retired (although it was replaced with a new forum running on phpBB).

To allow the old Snitz forum to be accessed as a refreence, we migrated the basic forum tables from the Access database to MySQL and created a PHP front end to allow the posts to be viewed. There is no functionality to actively use the forum - the code merely being in place to view the old forum.

The layout is rudimentary and as such can be used with any Snitz forum that is no longer active.

Visit the link below so see the archived forum:

If you have an old Snitz forum that you'd like to make accessible in the same way, why not contact us. There is a small charge if you want to use the code but we're happy to include any basic data migration that might be necessary.