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Websites For Community Organisations

Friday 14 October 2016

Our portfolio features a significant number of community and arts organisations, such as local theatre companies, museums and music events. We've been working with local organisations for over a decade providing web and online services to the community.

As well as public facing websites for organisations or events, we can also provide password-protected members' areas that provide information and resources to members of an organisation or those resposnible for administering clubs, societies and other community organisations and events. We can also provide databasew designa and administration, including member lists, event listings, calendars  and document sharing functionality.

We can also proactively manage your social networking operations - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for instance.

Many community organisations and events work on a tight budget so we are able to offer and affordable alternative to larger web design studios.

If you're interested in funding out more about what Brass Tacks can offer you, why not get in contact for a chat about our services.